At Dr. Subhash Dukiya Heart Centre, we offer balloon valvuloplasty to those patients who have a narrow opening in their heart valves. Our best heart doctor and his team are among the providers of the best valvuloplasty in Sikar, Rajasthan.

What is a Valvuloplasty?

A valvuloplasty, also known as balloon valvuloplasty or balloon valvotomy. It is a procedure to repair a heart valve that has a narrowed opening. When the valve flaps (leaflets) may become thick or stiff and fuse together (stenosis), it reduces blood flow through the valve. Hence, a valvuloplasty procedure will help to improve blood flow through the heart valve and improve the symptoms.

When to See A Cardiologist For Valvuloplasty?

You may be in need of valvuloplasty if:

  • You have severe valve narrowing and are having symptoms
  • You have narrowing of the mitral valve (mitral valve stenosis), even if you don’t have symptoms
  • You have a narrowed tricuspid or pulmonary valve
  • You or your child has a narrowed aortic valve (aortic valve stenosis)

However, the aortic valve tends to narrow again in adults who’ve had a valvuloplasty, so the procedure is usually done if you are too sick for surgery or are waiting for a valve replacement.

Our cardiologist will first examine the patient and then decide whether the patient needs valvuloplasty or needs any other heart treatment. We never jump to any conclusion without in-depth examination.

What you can expect?

In a valvuloplasty, a cardiologist will insert a long, thin tube (catheter) with a balloon on the tip into an artery in your arm or groin. X-rays are used to help guide the catheter to the narrowed valve in your heart. The cardiologist then inflates the balloon, which widens the opening of the valve and separates the valve flaps. The balloon is then deflated, and the catheter and balloon are removed.

You’ll be awake during the procedure but sedated. Once the procedure is done, you need to stay in the hospital overnight.

Valvuloplasty may improve blood flow through your heart and reduce your symptoms. However, the valve may narrow again. You may need to have another valvuloplasty or other heart procedure, such as valve repair or replacement, in the future.


It is a non-surgical procedure, which is comparatively risk free. But, like any other medical procedure, even cardiac valvuloplasty is not completely risk free.

However, Patient may have some side effects that are listed below;

  • Bleeding at the site where the catheter is inserted
  • Blood clotting
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction to the dye
  • Irregular heart rhythms
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke

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